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Singing Safari - September 2012

The fifth of our annual Singing Safaris was on Saturday 1st September when we visited four small churches in the Cranborne Chase to sing a short programme from our repertoire. Each informal performance lasted around 30 minutes and we began at Cranborne at 11.00am before moving on to Sixpenny Handley (12.15pm), Alvediston (2.30pm) and finally Swallowcliffe (4.15pm).

We would like to thank everyone who contributes to the success of our Safaris - route-masters, churchwardens, audiences and singers as well as our kind hosts for lunch and tea.

Peter Carnell wrote: "I love travelling, countryside, music, food – and people.  To be invited as a groupie to the Parnham Voices Safari (taking in Cranborne, Sixpenny Handley, Alvediston and Swallowcliffe) was thus a privilege and an indulgence!  The journey took us across downs, through combes and holloways; there were majestic trees, wide skies, tranquil streams and picturesque villages. Very English.

I enjoyed all the music.   I am no critic, so my favourites simply reflect my own taste.  From the Rising of the Sun was a beautiful curtain raiser.  The scene was set for a delightful day and so it proved.  The best tune of all, for me, was Never Weather-beaten Saile.  Throughout, the voices were well balanced and we could hear all the parts (maybe not quite all the words but hey! the choir was on holiday and who cares whether shad – whatever they are – do it?). 

The churches were well chosen for their location, their beauty and the sound they enabled; I shy away from ‘acoustic’ – some may have been better than others but as I said, I loved it all.  Certainly the pulpit at Swallowcliffe allowed Colin to deliver a reverberant Scottish admonition.  Everywhere there was at least a small party to welcome us and to listen to the music.  Their approval was evident; some may well come to listen again at Sherborne or some other future engagement.  Lunch was good, as was the company.

A warm welcome was found also at Yule Hill where Felicity and Nigel opened their house and garden for us to have tea.

I cannot see how the day could have been bettered.  I am sure that I speak for all when I say a sincere thank you to those who planned routes, organised and prepared food, collated music, drove cars, conducted, sang and above all arranged the weather."


All Saints, Sutton Bingham
SS Mary & Bartholomew, Cranborne

St Mary's, Wraxall
St Mary's, Sixpenny Handley

St Mary's, WraxallSt St Mary's, Alvediston

St Mary's, Wraxall
St Peter's, Swallowcliffe

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